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Century House


GO for quality services, GET new friends and skills, GIVE back by helping others 50+!


Situated in beautiful Moody Park, Century House became one of Canada's first seniors centres in 1958 to celebrate British Columbia's Centennial Anniversary.

Century House continues today as a leading-edge seniors centre that takes a holistic approach to its service delivery. The Active Living Guide and The Clarion (link below) outline the diverse services that we provide to older adults to increase their quality of life and independence with life enriching opportunities in fitness, wellness, education, language skills, arts, music, games and counseling.

In addition, Century House offers a variety of social clubs, a hot and cold lunch program and a lounge, all of which connects older adults in a strong and supportive social network. 

Additional Century House Information

  • The Century House Association is a vital component in creating a leading-edge seniors centre that takes a holistic approach to its service delivery. The Association, its volunteers and many social and service clubs ensure that all older adults can connect, be revitalized and experience the joy of life-ling learning.
  • Exercise Room

    Stay Active!
    Enjoy all the essential exercise equipment that includes bikes, treadmills, exercise machines and free weights. Our exercise room will help you keep strong and flexible!
  • Benefits of Membership

    Promoting Lifelong Learning & Activity

    Century House members value the wide-range of opportunities, activities, services, friendships, education, support offered for only $16.00 per year!

    Meet new friends, join social or activity clubs, volunteer, learn new skills, benefit from counseling or just go to our welcoming and inclusive Centre to hang out, have tea or watch TV.

    Please note, there may be additional fees related to participating in some of our services such as fitness classes, registered programs, weight room, day-trips and our meal program. 


  • Interesting in what Century House is all about and what it has to offer?

    Take a Virtual Tour to see our facility and the connecting Youth Centre that our members access for services and programs when the youth are in school.


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