Most Westminster parks have facilities for people with physical disabilities. If you have a family member who needs unique accommodation, check out these parks’ facilities before you go.

The Canada Games Pool has an aquatic wheelchair, wheelchair lift, and accessible family change room.

The following are other parks and recreation will full accessibility:

  • Century House
  • Queensborough Community Center
  • Queen’s Park Arena
  • Queen’s Park Sportsplex
  • Youth Center
  • Moody Park
  • Queen’s Park Arena
  • Port Royal Park
  • Terry Hughes Park
  • Waterfront Esplanade
  • Westminster Pier Park


The following parks are partly accessible with limited areas only


  • Friendship gardens
  • Glenbrook Park
  • Grimston Park
  • Hume Park
  • Sapperton Landing

All the listed recreation centers have handicap parking, accessible doors, and washrooms, except for Sapperton, which doesn’t have access to the washroom.

Aside from Accessibility features, the city of New Westminster Parks and Recreation offers an assistance program. This program encourages residents to participate in a year-round active living by providing a 50% discount on eligible registered programs and 10 Active Visit Membership.

The City of Westminster also gives out grants under the Community Grant Program. The grant’s goals are for the parks and recreation community to deliver essential, creative, and innovative programs, support, and services.

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