Best Gyms in New Westminster 2023

The benefits of exercising are innumerable. While it’s easy to try yoga at home or join online fitness classes, visiting a gym helps you stay accountable. And when paired with healthy protein powder, gyming helps with bodybuilding and weight loss.
If you live in New West, you are pretty lucky! There are several gyms, health and fitness centers all over New Westminster. From general fitness to sport-specific to …

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Things You Should Know About Traveling With E-Cigarettes

Vaping has become a widely known leisure around the world since it was released to the public. Many have been doing this as an alternative for smoking. As a vape user yourself, you might want to bring your e-cigarette with you anywhere you go – whether if it is as part of your work or to a much-awaited vacation. Considering this, you should know that you should learn quite a few things when traveling with e-cigarettes.
Since vaping is a fairly new perception, different countries have their own rules and regulations for traveling with your vaping kit. The fact …

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Recreation Access for Handicap and Inclusion

Most Westminster parks have facilities for people with physical disabilities. If you have a family member who needs unique accommodation, check out these parks’ facilities before you go.
The Canada Games Pool has an aquatic wheelchair, wheelchair lift, and accessible family change room.
The following are other parks and recreation will full accessibility:

Century House
Queensborough Community Center
Queen’s Park Arena
Queen’s Park Sportsplex
Youth Center
Moody Park
Queen’s Park Arena
Port Royal Park
Terry Hughes Park

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Recreation in New Westminster

Recreation is very important now that people are locked down in their houses for an extended period due to the pandemic; they need recreation more than ever. Recreation is a good mental health therapy as it makes the brain active. It also adds to excellent physical well-being. Various parks around New Westminster offer recreation facilities to visitors and patrons. These recreation facilities provide services according to age group.
The recreation facilities in the following parks are as follows:

Queen’s Park Arena and Moody Park Arena offer skating, rentals, and dry floor programs
Queen’s Park Sports …

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