Recreation Access for Handicap and Inclusion

Most Westminster parks have facilities for people with physical disabilities. If you have a family member who needs unique accommodation, check out these parks’ facilities before you go.
The Canada Games Pool has an aquatic wheelchair, wheelchair lift, and accessible family change room.
The following are other parks and recreation will full accessibility:

Century House
Queensborough Community Center
Queen’s Park Arena
Queen’s Park Sportsplex
Youth Center
Moody Park
Queen’s Park Arena
Port Royal Park
Terry Hughes Park

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Recreation in New Westminster

Recreation is very important now that people are locked down in their houses for an extended period due to the pandemic; they need recreation more than ever. Recreation is a good mental health therapy as it makes the brain active. It also adds to excellent physical well-being. Various parks around New Westminster offer recreation facilities to visitors and patrons. These recreation facilities provide services according to age group.
The recreation facilities in the following parks are as follows:

Queen’s Park Arena and Moody Park Arena offer skating, rentals, and dry floor programs
Queen’s Park Sports …

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Welcome to Gastown

Gastown plays an essential part in Canada’s history because it is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood. Founded by John Gassy Jack Deighton in 1867 from a single tavern. Here you can find Victorian architecture houses, impeccable décor boutiques, galleries, and the best culinary art. The Gastown neighborhood perfectly combines old with new without stripping its historical value. As you walk along the streets of Gastown, you will feel the 18th-century vibe with its old building, cobblestones, the Steam clock, and vintage lamp posts.
Food is also Gastown’s pride. The restaurants boast of European cuisine, Asian-inspired …

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Explore New Westminster Tourist Attractions

Your visit to New Westminster will not be complete without experiencing the great Fraser River history and scenic views. Start your tour at the Fraser River Discovery Center, where you will learn about the historical and cultural significance of the river. Then marvel at the scenic view of the river in the different vantage points via the PaddleWheeler Riverboat Tours. The tour includes sunset dinner cruises, the Pitt Lake backcountry tour, and the Historic Fort Langley narrated cruise.
Topping off your Fraser River experience is Westminster Pier Park. This Park is located half on land and half on water. It is famous for its …

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Rediscover New Westminster’s Architectural Landmarks

New Westminster is known for its rich architecture and landmarks dating back to the 18th century. The top three best architectural landmarks in New Westminster are the Irving House, New Westminster Public Library, and The Museum of the Royal Westminster Regiment Historical Society.

The Irving House, built in 1865, is considered the oldest house located on the lower mainland. It was the house of the famous captain William Irving. The house owes its architecture to the Victorian and early Edwardian eras. Its 14 furnished rooms are still intact and in original condition.
The New Westminster Public Library was also …

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Find a Neighborhood Park Near You

Neighborhood parks are found in every corner of New Westminster. Here are some of them:
Albert Crescent Park is one of the oldest parks in New Westminster. You can see lots of mature trees and beautiful landscapes here. Still, most especially, the scenic view of the Pattullo Bridge, Fraser River, and the Surrey will make your day.
Brunette Fraser Trail, located along Columbia and East of Holmes Streets, is a breath of fresh air. It provides a refreshing view of the river, trees, and native plants.
Located at Royal Avenue and Second Street, Clinton Park is a perfect neighborhood park …

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