Recreation is very important now that people are locked down in their houses for an extended period due to the pandemic; they need recreation more than ever. Recreation is a good mental health therapy as it makes the brain active. It also adds to excellent physical well-being. Various parks around New Westminster offer recreation facilities to visitors and patrons. These recreation facilities provide services according to age group.

The recreation facilities in the following parks are as follows:

  • Queen’s Park Arena and Moody Park Arena offer skating, rentals, and dry floor programs
  • Queen’s Park Sports Complex offers gymnastics and trampoline lessons, camps and sports leagues, and other related recreation programs.
  • Century House offers programs for older adults, including counseling services.
  • Centennial Community Center and Queensborough Community Center offer a variety of age-based programs such as yoga, fitness, martial arts, judo, dance, music cooking, and many more.
  • Youth Center offers activities for the youths, ages 13 – 18, such as fitness, gyms, out-trips and camping, and even computer stations.

These New Westminster recreational facilities give the family members time to bond and while enjoying their individual interests. The goals of these centers are to promote social, mental, educational, skill development, health, and leisure.

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