Vaping has become a widely known leisure around the world since it was released to the public. Many have been doing this as an alternative for smoking. As a vape user yourself, you might want to bring your e-cigarette with you anywhere you go – whether if it is as part of your work or to a much-awaited vacation. Considering this, you should know that you should learn quite a few things when traveling with e-cigarettes.

Since vaping is a fairly new perception, different countries have their own rules and regulations for traveling with your vaping kit. The fact that you have to give up traditional smoking for vaping is already hard enough, so you probably wouldn’t want your kit to be confiscated before your flight.

The following are the things you must know before you set off with your kit:

Do Some Research First

As mentioned, different countries have different policies, so you have to make sure that you research well about this before setting off. While some airports have their specified vaping area, others completely banned this leisure on their airport premises.

Also, e-cigarettes are prohibited on checked baggage, and you must place them on your carry-on luggage wrapped in a clear plastic bag for security checking. If you have a battery-operated kit, make sure to remove the batteries before traveling for extra caution. The mod must be separated from the chamber for the wax pen vaping kit, and the battery must be drained.

Know the Laws Against E-cigarettes

Some countries completely banned vaping as advised by the World Health Organization. The list is quite long, but these are the few countries for your reference: Dubai, Thailand, Brazil, and Egypt. If the country you’re going to is not mentioned, please look for the complete list for your awareness.

Since it was banned in these countries, anyone who will be caught carrying the items will be given fines or even be subjected to imprisonment.

Learn about the E-liquids Regulations on Flights

Since the ‘liquid bomb plot’ in 2006, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has banned all sorts of liquid and aerosols on every commercial flight. It was considered a big change and made all travelers rethink how to pack their bags and luggage before their flight. With your vaping kit, make sure that you transport your e-liquid on a 100 mL bottle. You can take more too using a larger bottle, but you must place it on your checked baggage.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Since vaping is still seen around the world as the same category as smoking, you must respect the rules and regulations of all countries you are going to travel with. Though if the country you are going to allows this activity, you must still practice vaping etiquette so you wouldn’t get into trouble by just doing what relaxes you.

Although vaping has been increasing in popularity recently, it does not automatically mean that its use is accepted, mainly due to health and safety concerns. If you are going to travel anywhere for work, make sure to check with your clients or colleagues before considering taking your vaping kit. Until the world still perceives vaping as the same as smoking, you must respect their precautions against this activity to ensure you have a trouble-free flight.

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