Whatever interests, sports, or hobbies you enjoy, you can find a good park for them. Here are some amenities that you might enjoy in New Westminster:

Lacrosse Boxes

Parks such as Moody, Hume, and Grimston have outdoor lacrosse boxes which can be used to play soccer, ball hockey, and roller hockey.

Outdoor Fitness Circuits

Queen’s Park and Old Schoolhouse Park offer various outdoor fitness circuits according to your physical fitness requirements.

Outdoor Pools

Booth Moody and Hume parks offer an outdoor pool for adults and kids. They also offer swimming lessons during the summer season.

Outdoor Stage

Queen’s Park, Ryall Park, and Westminster Pier Park offer outdoor performances in the spring and summer. Some of these performances can be outdoor movies and live shows such as theater, music and dance performances, comedy shows, etc.

Picnic Shelter

Parks with picnic amenities are Queen’s, Hume, Port Royal, Ryall, and Old Schoolhouse parks. They have a picnic ground and table with accessible playgrounds and washrooms.


For skateboarding enthusiasts, the New West SkatePark and the Boro All Wheel Park offer skateboarding amenities, including:

  • The Boro All Wheel Park is a 12,500 square foot field located in the neighborhood of Queensborough. The Park is designed solely for skateboarding activities. Other amenities it offers are free parking, a bike wash station, and washrooms.
  • New Westminster Skatepark is located in Queen’s Park. The Park is custom-designed for skateboarding activities.


Almost all parks in New Westminster have available sports fields and tracks; they, however, vary in the facilities they offer.

Spray Parks and Water Features

The following parks have spray and water features:

  • Grimston park
  • Hume Park
  • Moody Park
  • Old Schoolhouse park
  • Queen’s Park
  • Ryall Park
  • Sapperton Park

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