In this time where people are beaten with anxiety and depression due to COVID-19, a refreshing and relaxing environment is what we need. That is why the New Westminster park remains open to give its visitors a much-deserved relaxation and change of scenery. New Westminster parks strictly follow the government’s health protocols, maintaining daily disinfection in the Park’s washroom facilities to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Community and Neighborhood Parks

New Westminster community and neighborhood parks offer residents and visitors places to unwind, find solace, commune with nature, do sports, and bond with family. Each of these community and neighborhood parks offers unique features and amenities that cater to the different interests of visitors. These parks are found anywhere in Westminster, a number of them are at the center of the city, and some are along the Fraser River.


Some parks have sports amenities such as basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. There are also parks with lacrosse boxes or baseball diamonds, while others have outdoor pools and fitness circuits. Some parks offer family getaways such as picnic grounds, playgrounds, skateparks, and spray parks.

City Maps

Whether you are looking for a change in environment or escape the city noise, you can find it in New Westminster public parks. The city maps feature parks near you and other options where visitors can enjoy outdoor spaces and amenities.

Hour of Operation

Most of these parks are open from Monday – Friday between 8.30 am – 4.30 pm

Health Protocols

Visitors are advised to follow strict health protocols such as wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing.

Park Programs

These parks have regular and scheduled programs and events; however, due to health concerns brought about by COVID-19, some of the parks’ activities and programs are temporarily suspended.

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