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Hyack Square


A wonderful urban plaza and cultural hub!

Hyack Square, renovated and re-opened in 2009, was designed as a legacy project to provide New Westminster residents and visitors with a Spirit Square to celebrate the City's 150th anniversary and to create a place to connect the community and display public art.

On October 4, 2014, Hyack Square became home for the Wait For Me Daddy monument that was immortalized in bronze, a Canadian Mint Coin and Canada Post stamp.

Hyack Square attributes include public art and seating, landscaping that incorporates trees, grass, flowers, river rocks, planters, ornamental shrubs, brick paving stones, wooden boardwalk, decorative screens, signage and children's water play area.

Hyack Square is about connecting people with people and connecting downtown to the waterfront with a pedestrian bridge.

Commemorative bricks in Hyack Square

City of New Westminster will be installing commemorative bricks in Hyack Square. The bricks will be installed in two diagonal lines to reference the historic BC Electric Railway building and the former Canadian Pacific Railway station that were located beside Hyack Square.

Commemorative bricks are available for public purchase for $200, and can be inscribed with two lines of text. The Commemorative Brick Order Form can be found below.

Commemorative Brick Order Form

Alternatively, order forms are available at City Hall and any recreational facilities.

For any questions, please call 604-515-3827.

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