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Outdoor Fitness Circuits
Exercise under the Sky!

Parks and Recreation has two outdoor fitness circuits in Queen's Park and Old Schoolhouse Park.

The outdoor fitness circuits offer park visitors with the opportunity to use a variety of fitness stations to improve strength, fitness and activity levels.

The fitness stations will compliment your park experience, especially those exercising in our parks. Be sure to...

  • Go at your own pace
  • Include a warm-up and a cool-down in your workout
  • Be courteous to other exercisers and share equipment
  • Enjoy your workout!

Queen's Park Outdoor Fitness Circuit

The 10 outdoor fitness stations can be a great way to spice up your fitness pursuits in Queen's Park. Each station will have how-to and safety signs:

  1. Parallel Bars
  2. Back Extension & Sit-Up Bench
  3. Push-Up Stand & Monkey Bars
  4. Steps
  5. Chip-Up Bars
  6. Spring Balance Beam
  7. Hurdles
  8. Bounding Bars
  9. Self-Weighted Rower
  10. Air-Walker

Old Schoolhouse Park Outdoor Fitness Circuit

Participants will enjoy the parks six outdoor fitness stations that circumnavigate the sports field and include:

  1. Warm up & Stretch Station
  2. Lat Pull
  3. Ab Crunch
  4. Air Walker
  5. Air Swinger
  6. Seated Leg Press

Each exercise station has how-to and safety signage so that fully enjoy and get the most out of each station.

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